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Our City

Dear Visitor!


Hajdúszoboszló, the most well-known bathing city of the Hungarien Great Plain welcomes you and your family. It is the biggest spa in Hungary, the area of the lath is 30 hectares.

Hajdúszoboszló is located in East Hungary at a distance of 202 km from Budapest. You can reach the city by car, by train of bus.

Driving the last 80 years it has been well-known amorf bathers.

Drie to the Great Plain character of the landscape, the city is characterised by warm of dry climate. In summer the number of sunshine days is especially igh, it is beyond 2000 hours a year. The air is always morning, it is iodons of salty which also contrilute to the evolvement of the curing venne. The area of the bath is 5,5 hectares of on this area there are 13 pools.

In 1925 75 oC ionons, bromic, salty water was pumped up from 1100 metres below ground. The water contains copper, zinc, silver, lead, barium.


Thanks to the proven recuperating effect of the spa the number of visitors increases year of year. Life start sin the area of the open air bath of Hajdúszoboszló on 1 May of it closes on 30 Szeptember. The Town Combined Bath is exceptionally well appointed covered bathing area, with several pools,inscluding the popular weve and bubbly- pools, the competitive pool, tennis court visitors places to relax, excersise enjoy themselves.

The Aqua-Palace covered adventure bath awaits visitors since March 2010 thronghont the year and it offers a wide variety of programs cornhined with bathing.